About Us

Teknoleft is a subsidiary of Bidolustore Technology Company, an online shopping platform. Teknoleft.com aims to provide news, review and research videos to its followers in high quality, impartially and quickly.

Teknoleft.com, which provides services with its expert team in its field, develops itself technologically every day in order to provide a superior service to its followers and constantly follows the innovations in the sector. Teknoleft.com, which adapts the developments in the sector to itself in a short time, constantly conducts R&D studies and also attaches importance to team work. In the company, where the friendship and friendship environment is dominant, all studies are carried out in solidarity and standards are applied in order to provide the best service to the followers.

Teknoleft.com is also an account holder for social media applications, which are widely used today. Teknoleft.com, which also serves through these channels to ensure the convenience of followers, always attaches importance to providing fast and uninterrupted service.

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