Amazon ’s The Lord of the Rings series to cost $465 million for first season

Amazon ’s The Lord of the Rings series to cost $465 million for first season

THE FIRST season of Amazon ’s The Lord of the Jewelry TELEVISION display is mentioned to cost the retail large a frankly tricky to assume $465 million to provide. just to save you from having to re-read that, this ticket is for just one season, and that there may be no longer a missing decimal in the above number. “this will be the biggest television series ever made,” New Zealand ’s Minister for Financial Building and Tourism mentioned.

But this honor was already one thing of a known quantity, after Amazon spent $250 million to secure the rights to the franchise in 2017, kicking off a round of news pointing out the no longer-yet-produced display “the most expensive” television production in history, with the massive B quantity circulating its rumored five-season run. that is in all probability installing, due to the fact some other episodic Lord of the Earrings-adjacent manufacturing — Peter Jackson ’s The Hobbit trilogy — recently holds the document for essentially the most pricey movie production in historical past, at some $623 million (after tax credits).

To make a more lembas to lembas comparability, here are some other Massive Numbers:

The Final and most costly season of that different fantasy TELEVISION series, Game of Thrones, value simply $NINETY million, or $15 million in line with episode. Disney spent “around ONE HUNDRED million” on the first season of The Mandalorian. Disney ’s Surprise collection are stated to cost as so much as $25 million according to episode which, considering there are nine episodes of WandaVision, might max out at $225 million. Chump amendment! Adjusted for inflation, it price Kevin Costner roughly $300 million in 1995 to construct a complete island off the coast of Hawaii for Waterworld. the us government plans to spend $451 million in 2021 on lunar exploration, or about one The Lord of the Earrings season.

in fact, being a brand new show and all, there are a few up-front prices to be anticipated in this first season, like units and costumes, which may take a few of the edge out of long term seasons. But that ’s actually only a worry in the event you ’re pondering as a not-billionaire. With a internet price of $193 billion, Amazon ’s (outgoing) CEO Jeff Bezos can in my view make sure the series is going there and again again (and once more and again and once more) for a few 400 seasons before issues start to get somewhat tight.