Man’s viral plea to city council: Boneless wings are ‘just chicken tenders’

Man's viral plea to city council: Boneless wings are 'just chicken tenders'

There are massive issues occurring within the international: the pandemic, the impending election, massive protests against police brutality. However Lincoln, Nebraska’s Ander Christensen wanted to communicate with the town about one thing just a little less heavy…chicken wings.

“i’m going into nice family eating places and notice folks throwing this identify around and pretending as if the whole thing is simply tremendous,” he advised town council. “I ’m speaking approximately boneless hen wings.”

Christensen argues boneless wings are not wings at all. As a wing aficionado myself, i have to agree. And let’s get this out of the best way: Christensen’s argument is obviously a bit of played for laughs, however his issues stay convincing however. 

“I recommend that we as a town eliminate the title boneless wings from our menus and from our hearts,” he mentioned. “These are our reasons why: number one, nothing approximately boneless chicken wings if truth be told come from the wing of a chicken. we’d be disgusted if a butcher used to be mislabeling their cuts of meats, however then we cross around pretending as if the breast of a hen is its wing?”

He then brought: “Number : Boneless chicken wings are only chicken tenders, that are already boneless. i do not visit order boneless tacos. i don’t pass and order boneless membership sandwiches. i don’t ask for boneless car restore. It’s just what is anticipated.”

the whole 2-minute video is worth a watch but specifically favored Christensen’s suggestions for what shall we call boneless hen wings: “wet tenders… saucy nugs, or trash.” 

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