It is one of our company’s primary principles to ensure that the data of the people visiting the website, which is operated by Bidolustore Teknoloji, is hidden and the protection of the visitors’ information. The personal data of the visitors are processed through the internet privacy policy. Below are descriptions of the Privacy Policy work that applies to our website.

Processing of Personal Data

Internet users who log into our website with their privacy policy; information about the rights of the data owner, the data of the data owner and the reason for collecting these data together with legal reasons. In addition, information is given about the reasons for the processing of personal data and with whom and under which conditions these data are shared, how long the stored data are stored and the measures taken to ensure the security of the stored personal data.

Collection of Personal Data and Legal Basis

The information that enables determining who the internet users are is personal data. As site, we carry out your transactions within the framework of Personal Data Protection Law and related legislation for processing personal data.

The data obtained by the website when an internet user visits our website; identification information, contact information, product home service usage information, customers’ transaction information and marketing information. This personal information, which belongs to individuals, is obtained by cookies, which are technical communication files. Cookies Policy article should be examined for more detailed information about cookies.

Purpose of Collecting Personal Data

Personal data obtained during internet users’ visit to our site is collected by due to and in accordance with the Law on Protection of Personal Data. Situations that require this data collection are:

1)To create data for the business units to make the necessary studies to ensure that the site visitors benefit from the services and products offered by our website.
2)To ensure that the services and products offered by our website are recommended according to the likes, interests, purchasing behaviors and needs of internet users. To have a positive impact on the process of studies and promotional activities required for this
3)To ensure the realization and planning of business and trade strategies of our website
4)To ensure the security of our website and the people who are in contact with our website

Sharing Personal Data

The data obtained from the site visitors can be shared with our business partners for personal processing purposes. These business partners are; call centers can be various research companies and hosting providers. In addition, personal data can be transferred with our company partners, official units and private persons within the framework of the law.

Storing Personal Data

The data processed by can be deleted and destroyed according to the relevant law and the legislation. processes personal data as a precaution and stores it within legal limitations in case of any dispute in accordance with the law. These stored personal data are never used for purposes other than those specified and access is not provided unless necessary. For more detailed information on personal data, the Personal Data Protection Policy article should be examined.

Rights of Personal Data Holders

The rights that internet users have access to our website have under the law are as follows:

1)Accessing information about whether their personal data are processed
2)Getting information if the personal data in question were processed
3)Learning the purpose of processing personal data belonging to individuals and whether this data is used in accordance with its purpose
4)Learning the third parties to whom personal data belonging to people are shared
5)Request an arrangement in case of personal processing of the wrong or incomplete
6)Request the destruction of the data processed under the relevant law
7)Requesting the elimination of the damages arising in case of personal processing of illegal and illegal law
Our site visitors can contact us and direct their questions due to the rights arising from their personal data. If our company is contacted about this issue, feedback is provided free of charge within a maximum of 14 days. However, if the requested transaction requires any cost, the amount is requested from the requesting person.

Measures Taken For Securing Personal Data acts in accordance with the law and takes the necessary measures to ensure the security of personal data of internet users. The measures taken to ensure security are:

1)Preventing illegal data collection and processing
2)Preventing access to personal data stored illegally
3)To ensure that the personal data obtained are stored securely
Our company takes all necessary measures in two categories, administrative and technical, to ensure the data security of its visitors. Thank you for choosing our internet address.

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