Say hello to to the latest weird viral Facebook hoax: ‘Selene Delgado Lopez ’

Say hello to to the latest weird viral Facebook hoax: ‘Selene Delgado Lopez ’

HAVE YOU EVER heard in regards to the woman who ’s stalking everybody on Facebook?

A Brand New viral conspiracy concept going around Fb is caution customers a couple of lady through the identify of Selene Delgado Lopez. Consistent With the posts, Selene is friends with you on Fb. Did you add her? of course not. You don ’t recognize her. But, it sounds as if, she ’s your Fb loved one besides. don’t worry, it is a hoax. She’s not likely for your Fb pals record. Let’s break it down… 

What, precisely, is the Selene Delgado Lopez hoax? 

days ago, I first turned into acutely aware of Selene Delgado Lopez when an old friend from highschool shared a publish warning other Facebook customers concerning the account. Then I saw another antique acquaintance percentage the same submit. Then another.

Say hello to to the latest weird viral Facebook hoax: ‘Selene Delgado Lopez ’

The gist of the hoax is admittedly this: Selene Delgado Lopez is, for some weird explanation why, on everybody’s Facebook buddies listing. this means different things to different other folks. Possibly you don’t care. or even your Fb pals record could be very non-public and also you do care! you’ll be able to change your Fb settings so best your folks can see sure posts. Who, then, is this stranger sneaking into your trusted circle and spying on you?

lookup Selene Delgado Lopez on Facebook… sure you ’re friends… yeah idk why both. Block that creep. You ’re welcome.

— 5 ’22” | BLM (@realdeahl) September 3, 2020

A majority of essentially the most viral posts approximately Selena Delgado Lopez are in Spanish. apparently the hoax started within Spanish-language Fb communities, most commonly from bills with their area set in Mexico or Latin American countries. At some point in early September, the conspiracy made the bounce to English-talking Facebook customers and it’s persevered to spread due to the fact that. It’s doubtful exactly where the hoax originated, or why it started in any respect. 

I ’ve observed dozens of Facebook posts from users sharing the news of Selene, this girl they don ’t recognise who they are it sounds as if pals with at the social networking website online. A single put up about her account from any random Facebook user can apparently rack up loads of stocks.


Look her up and tell me in case you ’re pals with her. She ’s pals with everybody. Cross check fr ,SCARY ASF ! STAY WOKE#Facebook #SELENEDELGADOLOPEZ #staywoke

— Chaunice Monet (@NeiceyMonet) September 2, 2020

my bf simply confirmed me a facebook publish that everybody is friends with a girl named selene delgado lopez and also you can ’t unfriend her u must block,,,,

y ’all i am scared

— josie sells $2 amiibos!