Square Enix ’s Avengers sport is getting a ps-exclusive Spider-Man personality, and that sucks

Square Enix ’s Avengers sport is getting a ps-exclusive Spider-Man personality, and that sucks

Square Enix ’s Avengers recreation will arrive q4, and it ’ll convey back console-unique content material in a large manner: the corporate introduced that playstation avid gamers gets exclusive get admission to to a playable Spider-Man persona sometime in 2021.

Frankly, that sucks. It ’s now not transparent whether Sony paid Square Enix additional for the unique character or if that is merely an extension of the film rights that Sony has long due to the fact held to the nature. but the reality is that playstation 4 and ps FIVE owners can be in a position to get get admission to to an immense piece of content material for the approaching recreation that gamers on Xbox, LAPTOP, or Stadia won ’t.


Sq. Enix ’s Avengers game looks like Destiny with superheroes

Platform-exclusive content material in 3rd-birthday celebration releases has been a frustrating side of the video games trade for years, with both Sony and Microsoft shelling out for unique ranges or early get right of entry to in games like Name of Responsibility, Destiny 2, or Keep Watch Over. However given that cross-play among Sony, Microsoft, and PC platforms for video games that exist on all 3 systems has started to transform the norm, the trend of gating off items of content material to the house owners of the “proper” console has been falling out of fashion — a minimum of, until this up to date resurgence.

What makes it particularly frustrating is that other playable heroes are a key a part of Marvel ’s Avengers, with the particular hero you play (and their function in a four-player group) having leading impacts on gameplay.

Surprise ’s Avengers is ready to release with six playable characters — Iron Man, Thor, Captain The Us, Black Widow, Hulk, and Ms. Surprise — with the promise of additional characters (just like the lately introduced Hawkeye) to be introduced to the sport within the long term for free. Each And Every persona has their own loot pool, skill tree, battle taste, and traversal strategies that set them apart. Believe if Diablo or Destiny had an extra elegance that was once best available on Xbox or PC; that ’s kind of the level of what playstation owners have become here.

As frustrating as the exclusive content is, it does make sense given Sony ’s present technique for the playstation brand as a complete, which has been to focus on ps-exclusive games that simply aren ’t to be had anyplace else. Proceeding to push that platform benefit through DLC — particularly with a character like Spider-Guy that ’s so tightly tied to Sony as a company — makes perfect experience (for Sony, at least).

Marvel ’s Avengers is about to be released on September 4th for ps FOUR, Xbox One, LAPTOP, and Stadia. Next-generation versions for the ps 5 and Xbox Collection X also are deliberate for later this 12 months.