Who wouldn ’t want their Echo Dot to look like Baby Yoda?

Who wouldn ’t want their Echo Dot to look like Baby Yoda?

There are plenty of issues i’ll tell you about Otterbox ’s new stand for the 3rd-technology Amazon Echo Dot smart speaker. i could tell you about its “durable materials” or the way it ’s designed to “securely” hang directly to your Echo tool. The Amazon checklist even claims its “precision-fit, non-slip base” is “engineered for gold standard audio output.”

However you and i each realize that none of that truly matters, as a result of what ’s actually necessary here is that this base provides little tiny Emmy-nominated Baby Yoda* ears to the sides of your Echo Dot. should you want to pretend that you ’re if truth be told chatting with The Mandalorian character each time you ask Alexa to set a timer, then that is (most likely) the perfect option to do it.

It ’s “engineered for highest quality audio output,” it sounds as if. Image: Otterbox

The stand is made by Otterbox, an organization highest identified for its telephone instances, however which has additionally placed out a bunch of fascinating system equipment over the years. There ’s the stackable wireless chargers that it introduced final year, or the telephone circumstances that came with constructed-in PopSockets-style PopGrips.

OtterBox ’s Baby Yoda Amazon Echo stand is available for pre-order on Amazon now, with a unlock expected on August twentieth, for $24.95. For the ones protecting observe, that ’s a bit beneath part the fee of the Amazon Echo Dot itself. The stand is purely designed to work with the third-technology smart speaker.

*Sure, I Do Know the character is technically called “The Child” but please, I implore you, are living somewhat.